Message From Director

Dashin Reproductive Center Director

Founder and Medical Director: Dr. Zhi Hong Chen

I have faced to many people who suffer from infertility and provided medical service through my career as a doctor.
I have seen a lot of people who wish to have their children but failed so many times in their past treatment.

There are many people who are worried about whether to give top priority to work or to having children, and ovarian function often declines with age while they consider it.
When the time comes and they want to have their kids, it often happens that it becomes difficult for them to get pregnant.
We would like to help those who suffer from infertility.

The word “Dashin” means “Intimate and Warm” in Taiwanese language, and we named “Dashin Reproductive Center”.
We cherish the experienced fertility treatment techniques and the warm atmosphere where people easily consult without stress. Each person has each trouble and they never become the same. We always stand by our customers and create a treatment plan by understanding their situation.
We are happy to help you have a new family.