Egg Donor

Egg Donor Taiwan

According to the laws of Taiwan, the age of egg donor is 20 to 39 years old, but Dashin Reproductive Center has an original rule that donors’ age is until 30 years old in order to increase the success rate.
Donors’ educational background is higher than university, and multiple pre-tests are conducted before registered. Dashin Reproductive Center also judges donors’ appearance strictly and the pass rate is about 10% as a result.
As of January 2020, more than 100 donors are registered in our clinic.

Requestable items

1. Race
2. Skin color
3. Blood-type
4. Single eyelid or Double eyelid

Additional and original standard at our clinic

– Age: Between 20 and 30 years
– Educational background: College graduate or Undergraduate student
– BMI: Normal
– Smoking: Non-smoker
– Appearance: Screening at our clinic

Medical Testing

We carry out various tests for egg donors.

Blood testing
– Infectious diseases: HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, hepatitis C
– Hereditary diseases: Mediterranean anemia (thalassemia)
– Ovarian function test: AMH
– Others: ABO (Rh) blood type, cervical cancer test, chlamydia test
Urinalysis: Drug
Interview: Hemophilia, color blindness, smoking status, hereditary illness of family and individual, mental illness of family and individual

Donor Selection

Patients can’t specify the donor directly due to the laws of Taiwan, but we will choose based on your additional request.
There are two things patients give to us;
1. Donor request form (Patients fill in the requests.)
2. Wife’s face photo