About egg donor

Q. How many egg donors are registered?
A. Under the law of Taiwan, people up to 39 years old can be egg donors. However our clinic restricts those between 20 and 30 years old to increase the possibility of pregnancy.
We also have our own rules on egg donors such as BMI is normal, non-smokers, and educational background is higher than university (university students or graduates). We also check the face photo of the applicant and decide whether to register as a donor. Currently, more than 100 donors who have passed the above screening are registered.

Q. How much can we give you requests on donor? Are there any Japanese donors?
A. Due to the Taiwanese government’s system for protecting personal information, it is difficult to meet the request completely. However, we meet your request as much as we can, so we ask you to fill out the donor request form and provide wife’s face photo. In addition, the law regarding artificial reproduction in Taiwan restricts the qualification of donors and keeps highly safety. Therefore, foreign donors including Japanese are restricted.

Q. What happens if your clinic collects only a few eggs from donors?
A. If the number of eggs collected is 5 or less, we will bear the burden. If the number is less than 5, we will ask the same donor again after seeing the physical condition, or we will decide whether to ask another donor. Because we have a strict standard for health examinations and age especially under 30 years old, we have been made smoothly so far and we have never had the case that we couldn’t get the enough eggs.

About 1st Visit

Q. Can I come to Dashin during menstruation period for the 1st visit?
A. Yes, you can come during menstruation if you don’t take hysteroscopy at our clinic.

Q. Can I come to Dashin anytime?
A. We need to submit documents altogether at the governmental office. Since the office is closed on weekends and public holidays, you basically need to come on weekdays. In addition, our clinic is closed on Sunday.

About payment

Q. If the first transplant is unsuccessful, do I need to pay the full amount for transplantation as well?
A. No, you do not need to pay the full amount. If frozen embryos remain, only the transfer fee (NTD55,000) is applied.