Total Cost

The amount shown below is the total cost of egg donation at Dashin Reproductive Center. It is a packaged price and includes all the cost for egg donation such as donor fee, 1st embryo(s) transfer, medicine and IVF.
Apart from the cost, all you need is transportation, accommodation, and application fee (about 1,000NTD).
*USD1 = NTD30

Egg Donation: NTD480,000 (Approx. USD16,000)

Egg Donation with PGS: NTD580,000 (Approx. USD19,000)

Cost of 5 embryos of PGS are included in the total amount. If the number is 4 or less, the number of embryos will be calculated and refunded. If the number is 6 or more, an additional fee will be charged if you want.

Additional Service

Additional embryo transfer: NTD55,000
Additional PGS
– 1~5 Embryo: NTD27,600 per embryo
– Over 6 Embryo: NTD32,000 per embryo
PGD: NTD100,000~200,000
– With anesthesia: NTD15,500
– Without anesthesia: NTD10,000
– Surgery: NTD25,000


Payment Method

There are 2 payment methods and you can choose either A or B.
* If you pay by cash, we’ll deduct 5% from the total amount. (Exchange rate is applied 2 weeks before the first visit.)

Pattern A

– First 50%: Cash or credit card in 1st visit (Visa, Mastercard, JCB)
– Last 50%: International remittance within 2 weeks after 1st visit.

Pattern B

Cash payment of all amount in 1st visit